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Fast SVN Tool Access - Information

This little tool might help everyone, working a lot with Subversion. In my company, a lot of little project related tools are located inside the single repositories of the projects. And every time I need a tool, my brain starts working:

In what repository and folder is the tool located in?
I'm pretty sure, I already checked it out. But where is working copy located? Or did I deleted it already?
Is my checked out version up-to-date or do I need to perform an update because my colleague added a new version?

This is the point where Fast SVN Tool Access comes in. Using Fast SVN Tool Access you can configure all the data of your tools and afterwards start them via a tray menu. Fast SVN Tool Access takes care that the version is up-to-date (check intervals can be adjusted) and starts the tool for you.

And the best: Fast SVN Tool Access is Freeware and can be used without any fees. Try it...

Languages: English/German
Tested under Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 64bit.