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Fast Renamer - Information

Fast Renamer helps you to simply rename a lot of files. Adding of files is easy because of the windows shell integration. The user friendly interface helps getting familiar with the tool. Repeating tasks can be stored as profiles and be reloaded very fast on demand.

Fast Renamer perfectly integrates into windows. The file context menu gets the new entry 'Rename with FastRenamer...' in order to add files to rename to Fast Renamer very fast. It is also possible to use drag files on the Fast Renamer window to add them to renaming list.

Renaming can be done in different ways:
adding/removing/changing file extensions
changing of casing
replace or delete of single characters or words
replacing of full file names, where the new filename may contain Time, Date or Counters (perfect for renaming of DSC images)
Masking: random parts of the old file can be masked to use them in new file name afterwards

And the best: Fast Renamer is Freeware and can be used without any fees. Try it...

Languages: English
Tested under Windows 98 SE, Windows NT 4 SP6, Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2 und Windows Vista

The file conext menu entry is currently not available on 64 bit windows versions!