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Fast SVN Tool Access - Version History

11/20/2012 - Version
The main window now contains a tree view which shows all menu levels at the same time.
Single elements can be moved inside the tree using Drag and Drop.
The main window is only created when really required. This results in a faster startup and this also fixes the bug that the hidden window was still visible in Windows Task Switcher.
Lots of small improvements and bugfixes.

08/31/2012 - Version
Bugfix: SVN applications with spaces in folder or executable name may not be started.
Bugfix: Menu items 'Settings...' and 'Settings and Data...' in the Import/Export menu in settings dialog took the action of the other item.
Bugfix: The english translation was missing for the menu items in 'New item' menu.

02/22/2012 - Version
First Release